Are your items Authentic?

They are authentic, brand new in original packing. As we can guarantee you: WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET!! If you find any quality problems, when you receive the items, you can just send the items back to us, we will offer you a full refund.

How do i cancel the order?

All the orders placed on our site are available to be cancelled within 6 hours, but if we have already dispatched the order we cannot guarantee a cancellation, sorry for inconvenience.

Do I need to do order confirmation?

Yes, we may send an email to you for confirmation once we receive your order and payment, please check and reply us for verification.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

We shall ship you order in 12-48 hours if everything goes well, and the parcel will be delivered to your door within 7-10 days.

How do I track my order?

We shall send the order tracking number to you via email once we dispatch the item, please track order status frequently and assign time to sign for package timely.

Easy Return
If you receive damaged products we unconditionally guarantee to provide a refund or replacement at no cost to you, upon receiving proof of damage. Returns and Exchanges will be accepted if they are requested within 2 weeks of receiving the order.

What happens when a product is out of stock?
If a product is out of stock, this means that we have no estimated date of receiving the product into its inventory. Customers are requested to confirm whether they would like to cancel the item and order something else, or simply cancel the order.

Which address should I use for the billing address?
Under the billing address information, please enter the address to which your credit card statement is sent. This address may be different from the shipping address. The correct billing address is required to authorize your credit card and process your order.

My credit card was declined, now what?

There are various reasons for a declined credit card transaction.

The most common reason being that the address you entered is not the same address on your credit card statement. If so, please try again with the right billing address.While at the mean time, A simple typing mistake could also cause the transaction to be declined, including entering the wrong credit card number, wrong expiry date or CVN code (the security number on the back of your credit card).?
If your credit card is still not being accepted here are some suggestions:
- Wait 1 day and try again
- Make sure your credit card is not over its limit
- Make sure your credit card has not expired
- Make sure you have correctly typed the name on the front of the credit card
- Try a different credit card

My credit card statement lists a transaction, but I have not received my order. Why is that?
When an order is placed, a standard authorization is run on your credit card for the total amount of the order. No funds are withdrawn from your account until your order is shipped. The authorization is done to ensure that funds are available. This line item will disappear from your credit card once the card is charged or if the order is canceled.

Suppose I have special delivery instructions?
If you have special delivery instructions for your order, you can enter them in the Comments section at the bottom of the Checkout Page. Please note: we cannot guarantee that a package will arrive by a specific time, nor can we take responsibility if the deliverer does not leave the package in a specified location.

What is Suspension Training?

Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS, TRX Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise is a revolutionary method of functional training. Using a TRX Suspension Trainer™ and your own bodyweight, you can perform hundreds of different exercises and control the intensity by adjusting body position and angle.

What is Rip Training?

Born in Taekwondo and Physical Therapy, Rip™ Training is a new form of functional training with elastic resistance. It complements TRX Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise by offering a total body workout emphasizing rotational power and high velocity movements that can be adjusted for any level.

Q: Who will benefit from Suspension Training?
Everyone can benefit from Suspension Training. Because the user can effortlessly control the resistance and level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of their body, the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional is perfect for gentle rehabilitation, hardcore athletic training, and everything in between.

Q: Is Suspension Training appropriate for people who are out of shape or just beginning an exercise program?
Yes, because the user has control over the amount of bodyweight resistance, control of the angle in which they place their body, and can control their stability by their foot placement (wide stance, narrow stance, single leg) which means it can very well be used for people that are not professional or performance athletes nor regularly active. Suspension Training can also be used to assist a number of movements that are too difficult for many deconditioned users.

Q: How is Suspension Training different from other types of resistance training?
Traditional weight training often only works one muscle at a time which is contradictory to the normal coordinated muscle effort used to complete most activities. Focusing on only one muscle at a time is more likely to lead to overuse injuries and muscular imbalances, as well as potentially limit strength and movement gains. Suspension Training allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

Product Questions
Q: Do I need any other equipment?
The TRX, your body and bit of motivation is all you will need to get a great workout! If you have other equipment available to you, it can be integrated into your program to provide increased variety and different challenge.

Q: What is the TRX made of? Is it elastic?

No, the TRX is constructed of industrial strength soft nylon webbing, so the resistance is generated by variable bodyweight and gravity rather than the stretching of elastic bands.

Q: Is there a weight limit for the person using the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional?
We recommend a maximum user weight of 350lbs. We performed a product design testing that includes a 4 Times Load Testing. This means we take four times the maximum user weight and load it on different parts of the TRX to ensure that the product will not fail. So although the maximum user weight is 350lbs, we have actually loaded it with 1400lbs.

Q: What is the difference between the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional & the TRX FORCE Kit?

Both include a TRX Suspension Trainer that are functionally similar. The TRX FORCE Kit has a different color scheme and includes a TRX Door Anchor and the TRX FORCE DVD & Guide. The TRX FORCE DVD & Guide is a complete 12-week strength and endurance training program built for the needs of the tactical (military and first responder) and other serious athletes.

Q: How much space do I need to train on the TRX?
To be able to perform all exercises on the TRX, you will need a comfortable space that is 6ft wide and 8ft in length.


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